Presentation Topics

Sheer Strategy offers a number of presentation topics. Below is just a sampling. If there is another topic that you are interested in having a speaker on, please contact us today. We can develop an interactive and customized presentation to meet your goals.

Our philosophy is to make presentations not only educational but also interesting, relatable and fun so your participants remember the tools they’ve learned and start applying them.


We are available to speak at conferences, training programs and educational seminars, but we can also tailor a presentation to your specific organization.

  • Motivate your team (board and/or staff)

  • Advance collaboration and creativity

  • Revitalize your brand and message

  • Brainstorm strategies to accelerate growth


Here's what some of our class participants have said:

“This was a very informative class. Everything was extremely helpful.”

“Great presentation- clear and concise”

“Totally enjoyed every moment. Wish I had this information five years ago.”

“This class was above and beyond my expectations; It was a wealth of valuable information.”

“Comprehensive workshop, with excellent power point and a good speaker. Easy to Follow.”



If you think a presentation, training or facilitation service may be what you are looking for, let's have a conversation to see where Sheer Strategy may be able to help!  Contact us today for a no obligation complimentary exploratory conversation.  


Sampling of Presentation Topics

Please click on the title for a more detailed description of what participants will learn.


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What you need to know about grant research and proposal writing 


Talk Less, Smile More

A Guide to an Effective Stewardship Program 


History Has Its Eyes on You

Strategies for Success in a Small Shop